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Meet our Staff



 Sonja Dennen


Mrs. Dennen has been with the firm for over twenty years and is secretary to Billy R. Weathington, Jr. and James E. Hill, III.  Mrs. Dennen also works with the real estate department.  Contact Mrs. Dennen at 205-640-2011 or Email :  sdennen@weathington-moore.com.
 Melanie Brown


Mrs. Brown is secretary to Corey B. Moore, Alexander Weisskopf and Candace Crenshaw.  Contact Mrs. Brown at 640-2006 or Email: mbrown@weathington-moore.com
Beverly Watson


Ms. Watson is the firmís primary real estate closing secretary.  Contact Ms. Watson at 205-640-2012 or closing@weathington-moore.com.
Frances Hoyle


Mrs. Hoyle is the firmís bookkeeper.  Contact Mrs. Hoyle at 205-640-2000.
Kim Staggs


Mrs. Staggs is the firmís receptionist.  Contact Mrs. Staggs at 205-640-2000